Inside the room, Hypre perked up curiously at the shadow of the curtain twitching in the wind. Then he made the realization that the window was open! He’d hidden in the closet when he heard Sash return. Now, he was slowly creeping across the floor, dragging his round belly over the thick carpet.

Normally, Hypre was forbidden to leave the floor and Blake had told him he shouldn’t be seen by anyone. Going out the window was another no-no. But Blake wasn’t around. Hypre sat up and clambered onto the sill from the window seat, his short claws making a light scratching sound. “Mrrrr….”

“Hmmm?” Sash turned to look at the window, barely catching the noise and noted the little cat peering around the flapping curtain.

“What are you doing out here?!” Hypre yelled out at her in astonishment. Why was the girl standing on the ledge?