Sash pressed up against the wall hearing Blake’s voice. She didn’t want him knowing she was out here. He’d try to stop her.

“You know you’re not supposed to leave the floor!” Blake folded his arms around the cub, feeling the need to hug something. The cheetah cub was as good as a stuffed toy and less embarrassing. “How did you get the win-“

“What about her?” Hypre wriggled in Blake’s arms, protesting as loudly as he could. “Why can she leave?!”

“Hrm?” It took Blake a moment to realize what he was talking about. Then it dawned on him that Sash wasn’t in the bedroom. He put Hypre down quickly on the window seat and leaned out the window. Sash hadn’t moved. She didn’t have anywhere she could go. “Sash!! Are you crazy?!” Blake felt an unexplained fear grip his chest. “Come back here!”

“No!!” Sash shuffled her feet, trying to move away from the open window. “I’ll take my chances out here!” She really didn’t want his help. He had brought her here against her will and she was stubbornly holding onto that.