The tests were ruining everything.  She had failed all of them.  There were over twenty-seven tests and she couldn’t come near passing any of them.  Sash only had to pass one.  Just one.  The tests were just too hard.  She wasn’t strong enough, couldn’t run fast enough and even though she was intelligent, she was nowhere near the correct parameters to pass the IQ tests.

It was becoming more and more evident that she wasn’t going to pass any of the tests to her friends.  They avoided her now.  The start of this year had been horrible.  Her boyfriend dumped her, stating it couldn’t work.  He was right.

No need to waste his life.  Sash’s parents were upset with her and frustrated. Today, she’d tried one more time to take the IQ test.  She knew she hadn’t passed it, but had lingered in the classroom and chewed through three pencils before finally giving up and handing it in.  She knew she didn’t pass.

Too bad there wasn’t a creativity test.  That was the only area she was truly gifted in, but it meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.  There were artists that could do amazing things,.. but they’d passed the tests.

She had failed and she would pay the price.