Chapter 2 – The Pride of Young Lions

Eight children, ranging in ages from 19 to 27, stood around a hospital bed.  Their father, Donovan Priade had suffered a series of heart attacks a few weeks earlier.  He was in a coma now.  He had been stubborn and unwilling to give into the failing of his body up until a few hours earlier.

Beside the bed, leaning over as though the weight of the world were upon her shoulders, his wife, Magdalena sat patiently, waiting.  She had always been by his side, supporting and caring for their children.  To look at her, one would think she was exhausted after being at the hospital for so long, but she was merely in deep thought on how things were going to change.

The children.  You couldn’t really call them children anymore.  The youngest was 19, but to Magdalena, they would always be children.  They had been called to attend the passing as tradition called for.  They were spoiled.  She knew it.

Each of them was irritated in having their day interrupted.  They didn’t want to be there, seeing their father in such a powerless state.

He was the Supreme Judge.  The ruler of New America and had been for as long as they knew him.  He held power that had always made each of them fear him, and now, they didn’t know how to react to him.  Only one was required to be there.