Magdalena thought about each of her children, the sons and daughters she’d raised and how they’d turned out.  Their ranks in society would be lifted up even higher once their father had passed.  She was at least grateful that among them, there would be no power struggle for supremacy.

Tina, the oldest at 27 was a well-known and beautiful rock star.  She could captivate thousands with her music.   Magdalena was a little disappointed when the girl had dyed her blonde hair bright pink, but she was her daughter and she was doing what made her happy.  What more could a mother ask for than their children to enjoy their work.

Justin, 26, was a bit of a dissident.  He tended to not agree with the laws of their land, but he was careful to keep his complaints down to levels that didn’t warrant Inquisitor intervention.  Even the Priade family wasn’t exempt from the laws, most of them.  Justin just didn’t see the point in the testing that everyone had to pass.  He was passionate and worked as a speaker for his father,… even if he didn’t agree with the laws, he was loyal to his father.

Carman, 25, was reclusive.  She didn’t like the public eye and never had.  She had her own home somewhere in the city, well hidden and quiet.  Only family knew where she lived.  From her home, she wrote books of poetry and whimsical stories, which were as popular as Tina’s music.  She had the gift of making words come alive in script.

Mila, 24, had always been a gossip.  She had tattled on her brothers and sisters for as long as Magdalena could remember.  None of them trusted her to keep a secret, but she was doing well in syndication, digging up as much dirt on celebrities and people in power as she could,.. including her own family.  Carman wouldn’t allow her to know the location of her home for obvious reasons.