The cats stalked across the cracked library floor, muzzles wrinkled as they tested the air. Electricity had been temporarily restored to the old library the day before, when the trail was found,… and then went no further.

Now, half a dozen blood cats were covering the area, each one of them searching for a trail. They were large creatures, each one easily weighing a couple hundred pounds and heavily framed. They made a low meowing noise every few minutes and stared upward to the open windows, amber eyes seeking something to end their confusion.

With ears laid back, they were becoming more and more frustrated at the lack of scent. They would have to be returned to the kennel soon. Frustrated blood cats were not easy to handle. Their strength and speed made them tricky to work with for the average inquisitor. They could do a lot of damage if upset and would strike out without warning.

“I don’t understand.” Jordan stood up on one of the many-tiered balconies of the library. “Where did she go?”

“It’s like she just vanished, Supreme Judge.” The head Inquisitor, Anine, offered up what little she could. “The blood cats are confused. I’ve never seen them come to a dead end on a DNA tracer.” It was disturbing to Anine that they would lose track of a subber. The cats had NEVER failed before. How could they? Unless a subber could fly under their own power, the cats would always find them. They had to locate this subber and destroy her before their failure became known.