Blake pushed through the doors to the hall roughly, making them slam up against the walls.  Silent rage burned within him.  Slowly, he reached into one of the interior pockets of his overcoat and removed his glasses.  They were his favorites.  Purple tinted lenses that reflected the latest news whenever he wanted to see it, as well as other things.  He slid them on.  ‘It is not fair.  It should be me.’

Images and news headlines flickered down one side of the lenses.  News of the Supreme Judge’s death had already been circulated, with notice of a later showing of Jordan’s ascension.

“Blake.”  Magdalena hurried to Blake’s side in concern.  “Don’t be unreasonable.

You are acting like a child.”

“I didn’t get to be a child.  How would I know?”  Blake grumbled bitterly.  The thoughts still ran quickly through his head.  ‘Should be me.  If it had been, I would’ve turned it down.  Mother, you KNOW it should have been me.’