“Need help, Jordan?” Blake called down to his brother in a mocking tone. “I don’t see a subber here.”

“I suppose you would know,…” Jordan didn’t hesitate in responding curtly. “Since you were dating one and had no idea,… or perhaps you did and chose not to say anything.” Jordan was not in the mood to deal with his brother and hoped that would be enough to send him off in a huff.

Blake scowled and drifted toward the floor. The scorn in his brother’s voice only served to encourage him. “Are you accusing me of treason, Jordan? I am still mad you for what you did,… and how you did it.”

“Blake, this is not the time.” Jordan’s voice dropped. Blake could feel the fluctuation of emotion as his feet touched the floor. He could sense these things sometimes, if it was strong enough. Jordan was conflicted and regretful, even if he did not say so.

“It’s never the time. Make time.” Blake stated flatly, ignoring his observation. It didn’t matter. He would just take advantage of Jordan’s mood.

“Blake,” Jordan attempted weakly to fend off Blake’s approach. “Don’t be a child. I’m not mother to give in to your spoiled demands.”

“I don’t see you growing up, Jordan.” Blake shrugged and glared at Jordan.  “I’m surprised.”