The sunset was beautiful that night; the colors rich against the skyline of New America. Jordan stood on the balcony that would take him into the main hall, where hundreds of thousands of people were gathered, waiting. They were waiting for him to make his first appearance and accept the crown of Supreme Judge.
He hadn’t been nervous before, but now he could feel his palms sweating. His face was hot despite the cool breeze. “Are you ready, Jordan?” Magdalena had arrived and stood behind him now, outfitted in one of her best robes.
“I will never be ready.” Jordan sighed, clenching his hands around the railing and looking down at the well-lit streets below. He would be walking outside after the ascension to greet the people in the streets. He’d never been the center of attention to this degree and it was beginning to be frightening.
“You’ll do fine.” Magdalena smiled, then turned her head to the hall. “Jordan,… we have to go, they are calling for you.”
Jordan nodded and stiffly moved to the sliding door, Magdalena immediately behind him, a hand on his back, another reaching up to pinch his ear. “Ow.. MOM!”
“Loosen up, you look like a wind up toy.” Magdalena smiled. “They are here to celebrate you, not attack you.”
The hall was packed. Stadium style seating went up several hundred feet and in the most prominate boxes in the center of the hall sat Jordan’s brothers and sisters. Each of them was dressed in their finest, even Blake. Jordan was almost relieved to see that his brother did come and hadn’t tried to make a scene. Everyone was standing.
It was a blur. Jordan spoke what he had been instructed to and accepted the crown from the head Inquisitor. It was his father’s and a little too big. He’d get his own soon, but it was important for this ceremony that he take his father’s crown as a symbol of it being passed from father to son.
Magdalena stood quietly, watching proudly. It was something to see Jordan in such a position, even if she was still mourning the loss of her husband. The future looked to be interesting.