Jordan stared at a pair of the blood cats that were nosing around their feet. One of them was rubbing her head against Blake’s legs making a purring sound. The other was chirping curiously. That was odd. The cats didn’t normally act like that.

“Heh,…” Blake chuckled, dropping his hand to pet the cat between her ears. “I think I used to play with that cat when she was a kitten.” He smirked. ‘Smarter than my brother,.. better not push my luck. They know.’ Blake had taken many trips to the menagerie to play with the cats when they were kittens, as well as the other animals they kept there. They knew him, every one of them who had been through the menagerie in the last 15 years. He had a way with animals.

“Good day, Brother.” Blake nodded to Jordan, ending the conversation. He vanished, teleporting outside and heading back to the cathedral.