Sasha leaned against the window. She had been sitting there for awhile, considering, ‘Now what do I do? I’m here,.. in Priade Cathedral. I can’t fly. I can’t find my way out of here.’ The Cathedral consisted of hundreds of rooms and winding corridors. It was too easy to get lost. ‘The doors are locked and I’d probably run into another Priade. Who knows what they’d do to me. What are my options?’

Thoughtfully, she went down a mental list of options, ticking through them one at a time. ‘Stay here and find out what Blake has planned for me?’ She shivered uncontrollably. Her imagination was vivid with the possibilities of Blake’s vague comment about bringing her here for his amusement. Amusement could mean a lot of things. The first to come to mind was that he was going to take advantage of her,… or had he already? No, she had still been dressed. The only thing that he’d taken off was her shoes. ‘I don’t remember a lot about him. He hasn’t been around in years, not since he took early graduation and I’ve rarely heard anything about him on the news wire.’

It was a mystery. One that Sash really did not want to uncover. Who knew what strange things the Priade men did in the secrecy of their home. There were rumors. Sash sighed and ran the back of her hand over her eyes. A lot of rumors. What was he going to do to her when he got back?

“Why is water coming from your eyes?” Sash was jolted away from her thoughts at the childlike voice. She looked down to see the pudgy cheetah cub staring up at her. He was swishing his tail slowly, blue eyes fixated upon her curiously.