The cheetah kitten hopped toward Sash and tried to jump onto the seat next to her. He was a little too heavy to get up there all at once and almost fell back onto his tail. “What are you doing, Cat?” Sash stared at the kitten as he clawed himself halfway onto the seat.

“This makes me happy.” Hypre nudged the pacifier tied around his neck with his left paw, his right slowly sliding. “It’ll make you happy too,… maybe?”

Sash grabbed the kitten before he could fall and smirked at him. “Fuzzball, you’re making it hard for me to be depressed.” He cocked his head, not saying anything, but the corners of his muzzle turned up in a grin, pleased to see
the change in expression on Sash’s face. It was strange as Sash stared into the dark pools of blue. She remembered something about Blake, … she had liked him. He’d always been nice to her. Maybe that had not changed. He had this kitten here that he apparently treated well enough. “this isn’t so bad,… at least for now.”