Chapter 4: The Wandering Soul
The reception halls were filled almost to peak capacity with people from all over the citystate and others far away. It was the biggest gathering there had been in decades, since Donovan’s ascension. Blake had no interest in what was going on. His mind was elsewhere as he stood with Irma, Justin and Tina away from the crowd. Tina hated crowds. Irma just liked hanging out with Blake, and Justin had been chased away from the general gathering by giggling teenaged girls.

‘Will this ever end?” Blake stewed, arms folded and glaring at the busy hall.  He couldn’t leave until Magdalena saw him there and he hadn’t seen her anywhere.   ‘Stupid reception. I don’t have time for this. I have a date.’

“Problems, Blake?” Tina inquired noticing how distracted Blake looked.

“I promised mother,…” Blake replied, more to himself than Tina. Justin glanced away for a moment, a girl walking by that DID interest him, unlike the giggling girls, probably because she wasn’t paying attention to him.

“Blake’s such a mamma’s boy, heh, Justin?” Irma jabbed at Justin with her fork to get his attention.

“Yeah.. heh,.. aren’t we all?” Justin jumped and gave his attention back to Irma. “Uhm… all what?”

“Mother’s the only one who I even saw the first ten years of my life.” Blake grumbled lowly, pondering an escape through the draped windows behind them.  “Don’t get me started. I promised.”