Meanwhile, at Priade Cathedral, Jordan was meeting with the head of the  Inquisitors, Anine, to go over his new responsibilities as Supreme Judge.   Anine stood by patiently. She was only 32, but had been in her position for 10 years. There had never been a Head Inquisitor so young or so successful at her job. In the last 10 years, nothing had gone unpunished that they knew about. Now, she stood next to her new commander in full Inquisitor dress, a long flowing cape in gold to signify her rank. Full body armor was worn at all times while in public and she was only in the public eye when on duty.

“These are the cases my father was working on, Anine?” Blake skimmed through the lists of files on his father’s main computer. There were only a dozen currently on the screen, each one active and showing images of the current subjects to be dealt with, their crimes and further information on probability of innocence or guilt.

“Yes, Supreme Judge Jordan.” Anine addressed him formally, her tone even and professional. “And this one should be dealt with expediently to avoid any problems with the transition.” She reached over to touch the screen,  highlighting an entry. “It involves your brother, Blake. You need to read it yourself. I am forbidden from speaking about it.”

Jordan opened the file and watched the information stream across the screen.  His expression gradually dropped from interest to horror. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. It couldn’t be true. How had this happened and why hadn’t  anything been done?

“I had no idea!” He kept reading, “Why did father allow this to go on?!”

“He was collecting information.”

“I will not risk what could happen if this issue were uncovered by the media.”

Jordan felt the blood draining from his face. “Anine,…” He had no choice.  It was his duty as Supreme Judge. “I will handle this one personally. Call your best Inquisitors.”

“Yes, sir.”