Jordan had the waiters double check quickly to make sure nobody was left  in there but Saida and Blake, who were most likely about to leave. They had to work fast. “I will go in first. My brother is my problem.” Jordan turned to his accompanying inquisitors.

A fifth one had joined them, reporting, We have secured the perimeter. Are you sure you do not want a unit with you, Sir?”

“Yes.” Jordan nodded slowly, “He might panic if he sees you before I have time to speak with him. Be prepared.” Jordan went silent, working up the courage to step across the restaurant floor and break the ‘news’ to Blake.  ‘I’m truly sorry, little brother.’ He sighed to himself, ‘but this must be done.’

Blake was surprised to look up and see Jordan walking toward them,.. in full armor. “Jordan? you doing here? I thought you’d be busy,…” Blake frowned at his older brother, not at all happy to see him there.

“Blake,… I need you to step outside.” Jordan went for the direct approach.