“Blake,..” Jordan turned to his brother, “Father knew she was a biosinthe, enhanced by technology to an illegal degree. It had to be done. She was almost at our level. She could pass as one of us, but it was all biosinthe. She wasn’t one of us, you know that.”

Of course he knew that. For his entire life, Blake had been told to watch out for biosinthes. They were unnatural and not meant to exist. For the future to be the best for all of them, they had to weed out the ones who lacked any abilities and if they gained those abilities through technology, that meant nothing. If they lived and had children, they were only degrading their race.

“Father let her live to find out where she got the sinthe.” Jordan walked behind his brother. “It’s incredibly more advanced than any we’ve studied before. He let you have that relationship for that reason. He used you.” Blake couldn’t ignore the words, since his brother was a caster and had the
ability to speak directly to his mind. ‘I’m sorry, Blake.’ That wasn’t said aloud, ‘I really am, but it had to be done. Please, I know you’re angry with me, but understand. It’s my job. She shouldn’t have been allowed to live.’