Chapter 7 – Memory Awakened

Priade Cathedral was still lit up from the festivities of Jordan’s ascension when Blake returned. Celebrating people were coming and going, laughing and talking about Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. Blake avoided the main doors, going straight to his floor by air and pushing the window open. He floated inside, flicking his hand back to send the doors closed.

‘Jordan had no right!’ Blake seethed to himself. “Lights.” The lights came on and Blake’s feet touched the floor. ‘He did it just to flaunt his position!’  Blake strode across the ornately decorated room. The décor was excessive.  Dark blue and white drapes hung over the windows and doors. The floor was marble and covered with beautifully woven rugs that shimmered in the glow of the chandeliers.

Blake sighed, pushing past the closet doors and jerking his cloak off. Furiously he tossed it on the floor and quickly got out of his nice clothes and into something more casual. He was halfway across the floor when something landed on his shoulder.

“I’m hungry!”

“Go away, Hypre.” Blake pulled the plump crimson and gold fur ball off his shoulder by the scruff of his neck and dropped him onto the floor. The gift. This had been the gift for Saida. A designer cheetah.

“I’m hungry!” the cheetah cub hissed, hitting the floor on his feet and lunging at Blake’s legs, grabbing onto his pants leg. Blake walked, despite the extra weight. He said nothing to the cub, reaching into nothingness and pulling out a bowl. Leftover soup. Not what he usually fed the cub, but it’d do for now.

Blake warmed the bowl in his hand and set it down on the table next to his favorite chair. He picked the cheetah up and deposited him next to the bowl. Hypre wasted no time diving into it, messily dipping his forepaws into the warm mixture.

‘Stupid cat.’ Blake plopped down in the cushions and reached into nothing again, producing a bottle and a glass. He wasn’t really reaching into space, but the refrigerator several floors away. Why bother walking down there when you could just teleport part of your body to where you needed it.

“Caeselle,…” Blake rolled the bottle in his hand and popped the top off it. “Wine for my brother’s celebration,.. well… fine. I’m celebrating.” He grumbled and tipped the bottle up to his mouth.

Half an hour later, Blake had finished the bottle and started on three more.  It did little more than make his head fuzzy. Sometimes, it was annoying to have such a high tolerance to everything. There was a knock at the door and Blake knew immediately that it was his mother.

“Blake.” She rapped again on the door. “I know you’re upset, but you shouldn’t dwell on it. Now, open the door and let’s talk.”

‘The love of my life has been killed,.. and I shouldn’t dwell on it.’ Blake sighed. “No. I will handle it on my own, Mother.”

“Blake,… please. We need to talk.” Magdalena stared at the door. How was she going to handle this? Her son needed her, but he didn’t. She couldn’t accept that he didn’t need her. This was her last and youngest child and her ‘baby’. “I don’t want you to do anything foolish.”