Irma answered immediately. She knew it was her brother before the feed was even fully connected. She’d been expecting him to call. “Hey, Little Brother!” She greeted cheerfully,.. upside down. Blake was used to seeing his sister like this. She insisted that it helped her think. He thought she just liked to surprise people who called her while she was in her computer tower.  Translucent screens hovered all around her, each one displaying information, organized in a way that only Irma could decipher. Chomp, her little gold, black and purple data shark was floating in a lazy circle around her head. That thing had always given Blake the creeps. “What can I do you for?”

Sharks shouldn’t,.. fly. Blake shuddered, but got directly to the point. “I need a list.”

“What kind of a list?” Irma grinned, sliding a screen into existence in front of her.

“Local subber list, Irma.”

“Really now? Going hunting?” She tapped the screen, shifting more screens to the side and going through them like files, searching for just the right one.

“In a way.” Blake nodded.

“On it’s way! No problem!” Irma found the right screen and rolled it into a digital cylinder in one hand, then tossed it off screen. It’d be to Blake’s suite within a matter of seconds.

“Thanks, and not a word of this to anyone.” Blake leaned back in his chair, making sure his sister wouldn’t mention his request.

“You know I never tell my secrets, Blake.” Irma giggled. “That’s Mila’s department!” Blake almost smiled at that. As children they’d often managed to get Mila into trouble by telling her things that were not true and swearing her to secrecy. Irma was his best friend. Who could ask for a better sister?