“I owe you, Irma.” Blake looked up to see a small glimmering window opening  in midair. A sheet of pale gray plastic fed out of it within seconds and right into Blake’s hand.

“Just stay out of trouble, Little Brother.” Irma stated in concern, ending the transmission. She knew Blake well, but she’d do anything for him, especially now. There was a little disappointment in the request. Irma wondered why her brother would want the list. The last time he requested a list was to satisfy his curiosity about what his father and the Inquisitors did. She’d stay up for a few more hours to see if Blake needed anything else.

“Stay out of trouble indeed!” Blake grumbled to himself shaking the plastic sheet to get rid of a slight static field. “Now, let’s see who’s on this list.” He glanced over the list of names and pictures, addresses. These were all within a twenty-mile radius.

“No,…” Blake’s eyes widened in astonishment. He hadn’t expected this. He read the names again, then a third time. “… I know all of these people!” Blake sighed and stood up. “Of course I do,.. most of them grew up here. I went to school with them. They were a few classes behind me,…” He read over the list from the top, “Hannah McCoy,.. thought she’d be an intellect.  Matt Thompson, Jermaine,… Casey,.. Mick,.. there are a lot of them.”