“Who do I not know?” Blake went over the list a second time, and a third, crossing off the names of those he’d known well, “I don’t want someone I know,… too weird.” He kept one name in mind, Sasha Cole.

“Sash Cole?” Twenty minutes later, Blake had everyone crossed out except for Sasha. “Diana Cole’s bratty little sister. Diana might have been fun to play with when we were kids, but she turned into a real witch when she got older. Sash wasn’t that bad,… I know her the least of anyone on this list.” He looked up, then down again, “Sash it is.”

Blake held out the sheet and a surge of energy arced over it. It would be best not to leave any evidence of his plotting. The list turned black as it disintegrated, pieces of it fluttering to the carpet like soot covered butterflies. Hypre gave a squeal of glee and ran circles around Blake’s legs, pouncing on the black remnants.