Sash thumbed through the pages of an old book. There’d been a few laying on the floor, covered in dust. The plastic woven pages were worn on the ends from time, but the words and pictures were still visible. These books could last for a lifetime if taken care of.

The sunlight from broken skylights illuminated the uppermost floor of the library. Sash yawned tiredly, setting the book down on her lap. ‘When it gets dark I’ll move on.’ That was the plan. ‘Inquisitors only patrol cities. There’s a lot of open land between here and Texas. I just have to get there.’

Texas. Normally, that would be the last place she’d want to go. The only thing she knew about it was that it was a wasteland. Water was impossible to find out there. There were no laws other than who was strongest. No inquisitors, no nothing.

Sash would rather go see what it was like out there and at least make the effort to get out alive, than stay in New America and definitely end up dead. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as the stories said.

Blake landed on top of the library and quickly stepped through one of the busted out windows. He had to act quickly. If the Inquisitors knew she was gone, they would spread out and hit all the empty buildings. She’d be caught in no time.

A shard of loose glass broke as Blake’s coat brushed over it.

Sash jumped at the sound of the noise. Someone else is here. She froze, unsure of exactly what to do. Her heart was racing with fear.