Chapter 8 – Kidnapped

Pink and blue streaked the sky as the sun rose over New America. The windows of Priade Cathedral that faced the sunrise reflected the waking light in a dazzling display. Birds flittered around the spiraling towers, awakened by the morning to go on about their daily business.

Priade Cathedral was the most impressive structure in New America and by far the tallest. It had been built into the side of a mountain and then spread all the way over it. It was here that the Supreme Judge lived with his family. It was also here that the center of their government was seated. Inquisitors were constantly coming and going, as well as diplomats from other city-states.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best place to bring a subber, but it was home. Blake stood by the window of one of the many rooms in his suite. His personal chambers. Everything was done in a combination of black and dark red, making for a surprisingly calming atmosphere, at least to Blake. The floor was covered in a plush dark red carpet, which Hypre was rolling on at the moment. He’d eaten an hour earlier, napped and was now in his usual playful mood.

Blake smirked at the cat and turned to his bed. It troubled him that Sash had not awoken, nor did she show any signs of gaining consciousness. Maybe he had overdone it. A full day and night had passed and she had not moved.

“When is she going to wake up?” Hypre bumped his head against Blake’s leg.  “She’s boring.”

“I don’t know, but you better not bother her when she does, Hypre.” Blake scolded the cheetah cub, pushing him away with his foot. “She’ll probably still be tired and not in any mood to play.”

Hypre harrumphed and went rolling. “I never get to play with anyone….”

Blake knelt down and rubbed his hand quickly over the cub’s stomach, tickling him. “You play with me all the time. Are you saying I’m no-one?”

“No,…” Hypre hissed. He was a little moody today. “I just want to play with someone else!! I-“

“Shh,..” Blake tapped the cheetah’s muzzle lightly and stood up. He strode to the bed and sat beside Sash, then stared at her, looking for some sign that she was ok. Hopefully he hadn’t put her in a coma. He’d have a hard time explaining a comatose girl in his bed if anyone found her. Nobody was allowed in his chambers without his permission, but his own siblings at times would drop in without regard for his privacy.

“Sash?” Blake leaned forward and placed his hand on her forehead, reading the state of her body. There was nothing wrong he could find, but he wasn’t a trained healer. If only he had paid more attention in the general classes, he might know more what to look for. Trying to heal someone without knowing what was wrong could do more harm than good. He’d heard the horror stories.

Blake sighed and shook his head. He would just have to wait. Right now, it was time for breakfast and his mother would be expecting him at the table. If he didn’t show up, or was late, they might suspect something. “Well,.. WHEN you wake up, mind doing it while I’m here?” He slid off the bed and glanced at Hypre, “I’m going to breakfast, be good and I’ll bring you an egg.”

“Mmm… egg!” Hypre rolled to his feet and licked his jowls. Blake chuckled and vanished, teleporting directly to the dining room.