Hypre twitched his tail slowly in thought. He’d have to amuse himself while Blake was gone. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement. From the window. Ahhh,… the birds were on the sill again. With a playful growl, Hypre darted to the window and slammed against it, clawing at it.

If he could just get out there,… but Blake had told him he wasn’t supposed to go out the window. Of course, he’d also told him not to bother the birds and all that was left of them was a flurry of feathers. The sound of the cub hitting the window always made them fly,… but they were also quick in returning, much to Hypre’s dismay.

It wasn’t fair that they could fly around outside and tease him. Hypre backed his ears and bared his short fangs. Just wait until he got bigger. He’d get those birds.

Behind Hypre, Sash blinked and pushed herself up. She’d heard someone talking vaguely, then a loud crash. Sash rubbed her head and sat up. Everything was blurry. Nobody else was in there. “Ow…” She whispered as a small pain touched her forehead. “Head hurts… where am I?”

Hypre panicked. He had not expected her to wake up and now that she was awake, he had no idea what to do. He’d been told to leave her alone, but he was also now the only one here. Without a second thought, the cub dived behind a curtain, hoping she wouldn’t find him.