Meanwhile, Blake sat at the table with Irma, Justin, Jordan and his mother. The dining room was completely enclosed in glass on three sides, overlooking the city far below. Everything was just the same as it had always been, breakfast alone with mother and the Priades who still lived in the cathedral. The events of two days prior were far from mind, although every now and then, Blake found himself thinking about Saida.

The smell of breakfast cooking was heavy in the air and reminded Blake that he hadn’t eaten much since that night. He hadn’t felt like it,… only now, hunger was taking over.

“I’ll be out all day, Mom.” Jordan stated. “The inquisitors are after a rogue subber. Somehow, she escaped from her home. It’ll be interesting when we find her.”

“If she gave the inquisitors the slip, maybe she’s not a subber and a mistake was made?” Blake smirked across the table at his older brother. Finally, a little bit of return on his work in picking up Sash. Jordan glared back, not in the mood to put up with Blake’s little jab.