Comics for September 16, 2008 – Chapter 4 Page 1
Page 1
1. Text only: It’s strange how things sink in. I’m laying here awake listening to the wind outside and the snow hitting the canvas,… and it just now really hit me.
○ I’m no longer in New America. I will never see my parents again. Now, it’s definite.
○ I am completely alone.
○ It hurts … and I’m afraid.
2. Sash biting blanket to keep from being heard as she cries.
3. Sash sniffing, Blake’s still sitting up, petting Hypre who’s falling asleep against him.
4. Blake leaning over her to put Hypre down near her head. Hypre purring: … mmm… warm.
○ Blake: Want to let Hypre under the blanket? I’m going to sit up and watch for Jeremiah to return.
○ Sash: …
5. Sash lifting blanket for the cat despite Blake kneeling beside her.
6. Blake wiping one hand over her eyes: It’s okay you know. Everything will be okay. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I promised.
7. Sash still crying, Blake sitting next to her, only see Sash in the foreground. Blake is resting one hand on her shoulder: I keep my promises.
○ Sash: …
8. Blake’s head turned, a tear sliding down his cheek glistening.

I’ve been looking forward to resuming PURE and now I get to!  I’m going to paste the scripts exactly how they were written, even though there are differences at times in the scripts and the comic.  Sometimes it changes between when I print out the script to when I actually draw it if the positioning would be awkward.

I don’t intend to continue coloring this.  Instead, I’m going to start paying someone else to color it once I can afford it in a month most likely.  When that happens, you might start getting more pages, or I might continue coloring it and break pages in half. 😀  I decided not to go into the trouble of cutting this one into thirds… but I worry that people might find it more difficult to read.  If it is difficult to read, I can cut it back into thirds (And open a separate archive page for the full page updates).  Please let me know.

OH, and PURE’s Update Day is TUESDAY.

– Tiff