Page 3
1. Large expanse showing lower mountains and valleys with a city and smoke coming from at least 20 large buildings. It’s a sizable town around one main street.
2. Blake: There’s the first town, Sash! We can go down there and stay the night in a hotel! – Blake thinking of a posh hotel bed with a fire and nice hot tub.
○ Sash: Great … let’s go. Too cold to talk …
3. We hoped this one one of the towns that Jeremiah had left us information on in the datasheet. There was a list of cities and people to talk to in each city who would send us on our way and help us if we needed it.
4. Slushy streets, no-one really out in the cold as they come out of the rocks.
5. Passing by a sign: Ruporrgaty – Population 252
6. Blake and Sash walking down start of empty street. There are people standing up on upraised rock walkways. Blake: Yuck.
○ Sash: This place is creepy.

Small adjustments to the script as I drew it. It was kind of unnecessary to name the town.
By the way, this is not a primary comic. It’s not going to update when my husband or daughter are sick and at home.