Shivae Studios has an array of stores offering many different items!  If there is something you would like to see, please let me know.

Cyantian Chronicles Publications – Print and PDF books currently available from

Storenvy Lots of one of a kind or at least a few of a kind, handmade items featuring Shivae Studios characters!

Indyplanet– Purchase printed and digital versions of many of the titles under Shivae Studios!  Search for Alien Dice, Abby’s Agency, Akaelae, Campus Safari, and Shivae!

Lulu – A few printed items not available elsewhere.

Deviantart – Higher quality prints.

Zazzle – Like Cafepress, only not as aggravating.

Last Updated: 09/09/2016 – I will be overhauling this section over the summer.

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