The wishlist, because I was encouraged to have one!

Christmas 2018 –  I’m not asking for things.  I’m just tired. 😀  It’s very stressful trying to raise money to pay Kim’s bills and I just don’t want that this year.  So I’m not expecting anything from anyone in general.

  1. My daughter’s medical bill account – It needs to be refilled.  That one is simply paypal to shivae dot syke atatat gmail dot com  – Anything helps!
  2. Really, that is the most important, but also, support via Patreon or Ko-Fi is also important, even if it’s only for a few months!
  3.   Non Necessary mostly Kim list.
  4. I’m duplicating #1 here. 😀


(1) Peace of Mind. Gifts are nice and all, but it’s most important that I know my family and myself are taken care of with groceries and gas. Visa and Mastercard both offer general cards and the stores I shop at most are: WINCO, ALDI, Tom Thumb, Kroger, Target and Walmart – in that order. Secondary things, mostly work things: Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s.

(2)  Jerry’s Artarama – my favorite art supply site.

(3) My Work Wishlist on Amazon and here’s my currently empty  list on Dickblick.

(4) My Personal Wish list on Amazon. That list contains mainly normal family stuff/stuff for Kim/fun stuff.

(5) My daughter’s doctor bills taken care of. Heart surgery’s expensive .. so are follow ups twice a year. Right now, sitting on around $6K in medical debt that never seems to go down.

Mailing Address: Contact me at the email below.

Email to use if needed: tiff dot ross at verizon . net

Please let me know if any of these links die. 😀